Quickbooks for MAC 2011 Update

2011 Quickbooks for MAC Update – Learn the Basics

MAC users have all the same benefits and advantages as PC users when it comes to using Quickbooks software.  Quickbooks for MAC is easy to use and follows the same basic set up and organization of features as the PC version.

In the spring 2011a new update for the MAC version of Quickbooks that all MAC users should install. The Sleeter Group Accounting and & Bookkeeping blog offers a list of benefits to installing the update and  steps to updating Quickbooks safely and securely without any loss of data.

Read the Sleeter Group’s blog post titled Quickbooks MAC 2011 R8 Update.

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3 Responses to “Quickbooks for MAC 2011 Update”

  1. Charlie Russell Says:

    Thank you for the link. However, I do want to point out that QuickBooks for Mac has many differences from QuickBooks for Windows. Note that there are some features that are found in the Windows versions not found in the Mac versions – including some important reports for sales tax reporting. Also, the Mac version does not support any of the third-party addon products that you can get for the Windows version. Make sure you are aware of the differences before you make a selection.

    • wncsnap Says:

      Great point Charlie. We only have one client using the MAC version of Quickbooks. It seems fairly robust but there are small differences,

  2. CCRussell Says:

    Robust, sure. Small differences, well, that depends on what you are looking for. The Mac version is aimed at smaller businesses, sole proprietors (that is what the Intuit manager for the program says). While the basic accounting functions are there, and the 2012 product is adding some new features (I list them at http://www.sleeter.com/blog/2011/09/quickbooks-2012-overview/), there are significant features missing that are used by many businesses. If you look at my article at http://www.sleeter.com/blog/2011/09/quickbooks-feature-list/, EVERY feature that is listed there is NOT found in the Mac version through 2011.

    So, that is my point, make sure you understand the differences before buying. The Mac version is a great product, as long as it has all the features that your business needs.

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