Quickbooks Tips – Keeping Your Quickbooks Data Healthy

quickbooks financial softwareMaintain a Healthy Quickbooks File – Tips from JustQuickbooks.Blogspot.com

Maintaining accurate healthy financial data in your Quickbooks file is essential in order t keep careful track of your business expenses and profits. On JustQuickbooks.Blogspot.com Shelly Robbins, speaker and Intuit Accounting Professionals Trainer and Writer, explains a variety of Quickbooks tools and features. She recently posted a blog titled:

2 Easy Steps to Maintain a Healthy, Lean, and Fast QuickBooks file

Here she explains that she “recently worked with a client whose QuickBooks reports were running slow, the file had lost data integrity, and upgrading was dicey. Now, the date file is healthy and the reports are running fast again.” She explains why it is important that you make certain  your Quickbooks data is not corrupted or damaged in any way.  Here is what she suggests:

1. Check for file damage, go to File > Utilities > Verify Data. The utility will tell if you the data file is damaged and lead you to the Rebuild utility. Do this repeatedly until the Verify Data tells you that there are no problems with data file integrity. (Verify and rebuild your company file)
2. Check for file fragmentationpress F2. The Product Information window will tell you the “DB File Fragments”.If the DB Fragments are higher than 10, create and restore a portable company file
(Replace your company file with a restored portable company file)

She also mentioned why she agrees with other experts that keeping client’s data file fragments at less than 10 is important.
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To read more bookkeeping and Quickbooks tips from Shelly Robbins visit her blog JustQuickbooks.Blogspot.com.

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