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Quickbooks Tips – Keeping Your Quickbooks Data Healthy

May 8, 2011

quickbooks financial softwareMaintain a Healthy Quickbooks File – Tips from

Maintaining accurate healthy financial data in your Quickbooks file is essential in order t keep careful track of your business expenses and profits. On Shelly Robbins, speaker and Intuit Accounting Professionals Trainer and Writer, explains a variety of Quickbooks tools and features. She recently posted a blog titled:

2 Easy Steps to Maintain a Healthy, Lean, and Fast QuickBooks file

Here she explains that she “recently worked with a client whose QuickBooks reports were running slow, the file had lost data integrity, and upgrading was dicey. Now, the date file is healthy and the reports are running fast again.” She explains why it is important that you make certain  your Quickbooks data is not corrupted or damaged in any way.  Here is what she suggests:

1. Check for file damage, go to File > Utilities > Verify Data. The utility will tell if you the data file is damaged and lead you to the Rebuild utility. Do this repeatedly until the Verify Data tells you that there are no problems with data file integrity. (Verify and rebuild your company file)
2. Check for file fragmentationpress F2. The Product Information window will tell you the “DB File Fragments”.If the DB Fragments are higher than 10, create and restore a portable company file
(Replace your company file with a restored portable company file)

She also mentioned why she agrees with other experts that keeping client’s data file fragments at less than 10 is important.
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Auditing Quickbooks – A How To for Small Business

April 25, 2011

quickbooks financial software Understanding Quickbooks – Bookkeeping Basics

Many small businesses struggle to keep up with the books without even thinking of how much time it will take to  review, evaluate and confirm their bookkeeper or accountants’s work. That is why there are a few basic things any small business owner can review and know in order to be sure their books are accurate and sound. Auditing your Quickbooks file can seem like a daunting task, but if you understand the power of Quickbooks as a tool you can learn to use it to empower and strengthen your business. Tutorial on How to Audit Your Quickbooks File Simply and Easily

A great site for anyone looking to learn how to manage their own bookkeeping is There are many blogs written about various bookkeeping and accounting topics, as well as video tutorials for various Quickbooks actions and features. The blog titled:

How To Audit Your QuickBooks File – 5 Things EVERY BUSINESS OWNER SHOULD KNOW how to do in QuickBooks is an excellent source of information when it comes to auditing the basic information in your Quickbooks file. According to when it comes to small businesses “there are 5 things you should know how to do in QuickBooks to be sure your bookkeeper(s) are doing their jobs properly.” NerdEnterprises lists these 5 things as follows:

  1. Run key reports including: detailed Balance Sheets, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable Reports
  2. Drill into a transaction from a report.
  3. Drill around a transaction to see related transactions.
  4. Run the audit trail report
  5. On any transaction detail report, show “Last Entered/Edited (and by whom).

Watch the video included in the blog and find out how to do this in a practical way. The goal according to is to “protect yourself against costly mistakes as well as dis-honest employees. In smaller companies the management, particularly the ownership ARE the internal control of the company. This means they are the ones who protect the assets of the company.”

Learn how to maintain quality control when it comes to your bookkeeping and accounting. Be able to have a clear conversation with anyone helping you maintain  your financial data and expect them to speak openly, honestly and in detail to you about their work.

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Quickbooks for MAC 2011 Update

April 10, 2011

2011 Quickbooks for MAC Update – Learn the Basics

MAC users have all the same benefits and advantages as PC users when it comes to using Quickbooks software.  Quickbooks for MAC is easy to use and follows the same basic set up and organization of features as the PC version.

In the spring 2011a new update for the MAC version of Quickbooks that all MAC users should install. The Sleeter Group Accounting and & Bookkeeping blog offers a list of benefits to installing the update and  steps to updating Quickbooks safely and securely without any loss of data.

Read the Sleeter Group’s blog post titled Quickbooks MAC 2011 R8 Update.

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Common Bookkeeping Mistakes Small Businesses Make

January 25, 2011

wn snap bookkeeping services asheville In an article on entitled Top 10 Bookkeeping Mistakes Made by Small Businesses some common issues are discussed. As many of us are aware small businesses are always looking for ways to save money, increase efficiency and improve profitability and performance. It is not surprising that so many small businesses often forget to keep receipts on every business related transaction, take on too many tasks themselves, and sometimes don’t communicate clearly because of their busy schedule. Some more specific mistakes you want to avoid  are:

-Listing transactions in the wrong categories on QB.
-Not having a backup system for QB files.
-Forgetting to track reimbursable expenses.
-Not properly classifying employees.
-Not properly reconciling the QB files with monthly bank statements.

These are just a few of the things you should be careful of when managing your own financial tracking and bookkeeping.

To learn more about how to keep from making common mistakes check out this great bookkeeping and financial tracking article on

Purchase Quickbooks through WNCSNAP and Save $!

January 15, 2011

In 2010 WNC Snap Bookkeeping went through many changes. Our staff, location and service list evolved during the year but there is one thing that stayed the same – our commitment to providing high quality, affordable bookkeeping and financial tracking services for small and medium sized businesses.

In order to serve our customers WNC Snap is dedicated to sharing deals and passing along the savings to our cherished clients. As an Intuit Certified ProAdvisor, WNC Snap can help you save money when you buy Quickbooks 2011 online from our team. Get up to 20% off and free shipping when you order through our website, just click the banner on the WNC Snap homepage to get your savings today!

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Test Drive the Latest Versions of Quickbooks

December 26, 2010

Are you thinking about purchasing the latest Quickbooks software for your small business?

Then visit the Intuit website and test drive the demos of everything from Quickbook Enterprise to Quickbooks Payroll. In order to be sure this kind of software is something your business can properly implement  it is best to test drive the software. If it seems confusing, you may want to employ a Quickbooks expert or specialist to help you create a system that can track all of the important financial data you need in order to grow your company.   You can also search the Internet for online tutorials and look in your local area for local Quickbooks trainings and classes.

Quickbooks Tips for Small Business

December 15, 2010

Small businesses are often dealing with budget issues and yet, they have many of the same financial tracking needs as any medium or large company. It is essential for any business owner be aware of some basic financial information. Up to date financial tracking and reports allow business owners and operators to make successful decisions based on accurate and real data.

Quickbooks – The Best Tool for Small Business Financial Tracking & Bookkeeping

Small businesses can follow some basic rules when using Quickbooks to help make financial tracking simple and affordable.

1. Set up your Quickbooks accounts fully. Your Quickbooks file should track all relevant accounts related to your business including checking, savings, credit cad and Paypal accounts. This will allow you the highest level of accuracy.

2. Create custom categories when necessary. Instead of using the preset categories create any specific custom categories your business needs. Also be sure and ask your accountant or bookkeeper what categories various transactions are best placed in. If you are not certain of how to get the highest tax advantages, the best thing to do is ask a tax expert.

3. Regularly review your Quickbooks reports in order to maintain a clear perspective on your business’s financial performance. Quickbooks can provide a variety of reports based on the complexity of your business and the QB tools you have chosen to use.

In addition to these 3 simple tips, researching Quickbooks online may also be helpful for any small business planning to manage the financial tracking in house. You may also consider hiring a QB expert to provide affordable Quickbooks set up and QB training services. With just a little bit of expert advice many small business owners can learn the basics of Quickbooks and accurately and affordable manage the bookkeeping. Proper bookkeeping is what will allow your business to grow into a strong and secure enterprise.

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Managing your own QB? Here are some ways to save your bookkeeper or accountant time.

November 26, 2010

Many small businesses find it easier and more cost effective to hire a Quickbooks specialist to set up their bookkeeping system and get them started. The only issue is that sometimes if you are not experienced with QB you can make some simple mistakes that will cost you more money when you take your files to the bookkeeper or accountant for review and tax preparation. here are some excellent tips from the Tax Guru blog on how to be sure you are using Quickbooks to your best advantage and to save your business money and your bookkeeper time.


Payroll, Payroll Taxes, Payroll Management: Intuit Payroll

September 28, 2010

Payroll Basics for Small Business from Intuit – Financial Tracking Experts

Are you looking to better manage your payroll and spend less time trying to organize employee data, taxes and more? Intuit can help you create financial tracking strategies  and make payroll more efficient and accurate. Click below to find out more about Payroll 101 and find out if Intuit products are right for you. 

Payroll, Payroll Taxes, Payroll Management: Intuit Payroll.

If you are looking for training and consulting when it comes to Intuit products WNC Snap can help! We offer Quickbooks training and consulting, as well as management training to assist with payroll set up, reporting and evaluation in Asheville and throughout Western North Carolina. Contact us today and let us empower you to do business based on sound financial data tat is easy to access at any time.

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ProStrategic Blog’s September 2010 Quickbooks News

September 10, 2010

The Prostrategic Blog, written by bookkeeping and Quickbooks expert William Fraser made some interesting announcements for this month.  Here are some of the highlights. Visit Mr. Fraser’s blog to read the whole article.

  • Prepare your 2011 monthly budget in QuickBooks to compare your monthly actual profit and loss statements to your budget month and year-to-date.
  • Users can soon buy Quickbooks 2011. William Fraser suggests “if your version is three years old, it will be time to purchae a new edition for support and proper maintenance.”
  • QuickBooks released a new update for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Simple Start, and Enterprise 10.0.
  • QuickBooks now provides multi foreign currency conversion to US dollar values, print statements in foreign monetary funds as well as US dollars.
  • The client data review routine in QB helps find errors in recorded transactions.

For more information read Prostrategic.