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A Great Article on When a Small Business Should Hire a CFO.

November 28, 2011

Growth of a small business is no easy task.

It takes strategic planning, market research and personal investment, both financial and emotional. There are so many questions small business owners have in regards to expansion and growth. Armed with the facts, good timing, and long term knowledge and support a company can go to the next level of production, income, and profit. It is important to choose leaders with the appropriate skill set to achieve the business goals. If you are wondering when your business should hire a Chief Financial Officer, or CFO, in order to take the next steps towards your company’s long term success then check out this article:

When Should a Small Business Hire a Finance Chief?

New York Times writer Darren Dahl, broaches this question in his October 26th, 2011 piece. This article clearly explains the role of the CFO and how it differs from the role of CEO. It is important these two positions be defined individually and not identified as exactly the same.

Accountants and bookkeepers are often asked for opinions regarding company finances, revenue, taxes, payroll and expenses. It is important to consult with an accounting and bookkeeping expert when making choices about business growth and development.





Video Tips for Quickbooks Online

June 22, 2010

Why Choose Quickbooks Online?

Generally speaking for any business, whether small or large, the best choice when it comes to Quickbooks is to use the desktop version. However, for some companies that are regularly on the go Quickbooks Online may be a useful tool. The online Quickbooks can be accessed from any computer, but it does not offer the robust suite of customized options the desktop version can provide. However, as long as business owners are aware of the limitations of the Quickbooks Online system it can still function as a key part of financial tracking.

DIY Video Tutorials Provided by the Quickbooks Online Team

If you are using Quickbooks Online and need some assistance in understanding your options and the location of various system features you can easily watch a collection of online videos created by members of the Quickbooks Online team. Take a general tour of the system or find the answers to specific questions so you can save time.

Here is a sample video that will give you an idea of what is available for free on